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Software Assurance Planning Services
Understand voucher process

Important reminders

  • All vouchers must be reserved before an engagement begins.
  • An engagement must be fully delivered and deliverables must be completed and submitted via the online Planning Services Completion Report Submission Form before redeeming a voucher.
  • All Planning Services vouchers expire 180 days after the date of assignment, regardless of a customer's EA expiration date.
  • You may not conduct multiple 15-day engagements (per engagement type) per customer, unless: 1) The engagements address different divisions or associated legal entities, or 2) the engagements address different products and therefore produce unique deliverables.
  • Prior to beginning an engagement, Planning Services partners must ensure they have a location ID listed in the Microsoft Partner Network matching the country in which the engagement will take place. Partners must process (reserve and redeem) vouchers under a location ID with a country listed in MPN that matches the country in which the delivery will take place. If you do not currently have a location ID in the country of delivery, you must create one. Please contact your Regional Service Center via Microsoft Partner Network support if you have questions regarding setting up a new location ID in MPN.
  • Anyone who holds a contact role for an approved location ID in MPN will be able to access VVR and reserve vouchers on behalf of that location.
  • Vouchers should never be used as currency nor should they be used to offset the cost of work that is not in scope of the Planning Services program. Furthermore, partner organizations may not charge additional fees to customers for planning performed during the Planning Services engagement; all costs related to the planning portion (including travel costs) should be covered by the Planning Services vouchers.



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