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Software Assurance Planning Services
DDPS-specific FAQ

What is the Desktop Deployment Planning Service (DDPS)?

Microsoft Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS) are a benefit provided to customers who purchase Software Assurance (SA) through Microsoft Volume Licensing. Through DDPS customer receive access to qualified providers equipped with in-depth deployment planning expertise, tools, and Microsoft best practices to help plan for on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid deployments of Windows, Office, and Office 365.  To learn more, and to get started please refer to the About DDPS page.

Are there organization requirements for delivering a DDPS engagement?

Yes.  For an organization to qualify to deliver DDPS they must achieve a Devices and Deployment Competency.  Organizations must also maintain that competency between MPN Partner membership renewals to retain their DDPS member status.  Learn more. 


Are there consultant requirements for delivering a DDPS engagement?

Yes.  Only consultants that have passed exams related to the building of a Silver or Gold level Devices and Deployment competency are qualified to deliver engagements.  Learn more.

How do I learn how to deliver a DDPS engagement?

For access to self-study resources and training materials please visit the Prepare and Learn about DDPS page.

How do I register and get approved to deliver DDPS engagements?

See the Registration Page for instructions on how to enroll your company for Planning Services.


What specific set of criteria that I need to follow in order to deliver a DDPS engagement that is compliant with Planning Services guidelines?

Please refer to the DDPS Delivery Guides featured on each of the DDPS engagement pages, or for broader programmatic view the Software Assurance Planning Services Frequently Asked Questions page.

What deliverables are required for payment?

All partners are required to complete and upload the Planning Services Completion Report and the actual Customer Deliverable to VVR when redeeming vouchers, regardless of the engagement type or service Level (1-15 days).  Please see the Redeem the Voucher Video for more information on the submission process.  Deliverables must be submitted for each voucher used on a given Planning Services engagement.  This means if you stack three vouchers for a single engagement you must submit the deliverable three times.

How does a partner get paid?

Go to the Get Paid page to learn more payment process and rates.

What additional Planning Services resources are available?

Planning Services Help Aliases: Contact Us Page
Regional Service Centers: Full list of contact details for each region located here.
Customer Escalations: VLSC Support

Does Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS) support the delivery of stand-alone System Center specific engagements?  

No.  You may use DDPS days to conduct a Windows or Office deployment planning engagement using SCCM, SCOM, etc. but may not use Planning Services days to fund planning work specific to the deployment of System Center.

Can Planning Services days be used to fund planning for products or services NOT represented by a defined Planning Services offering? 

No. Planning Services days may only be applied toward advancing server/seat counts of products featured within each representative program. 

Can we deliver Office running with App-V through DDPS?

No, we will not be providing pre-sequenced Office packages.  In short it comes down to the nature of the AppV technology and the way customers in the enterprise space actually use Office as no package that we could ever create would meet the needs of any enterprise as they all have unique add-ins, customizations, etc.

Can Planning Services days be used for end-user training?

While knowledge transfer is an element of any engagement, Planning Services engagements cannot be used for general or group training for end-users. 


Can Planning Services engagements be delivered remotely?

Yes, however though only a maximum of three days.  For the remainder of the engagement the rest of the days must be delivered at the customer site.