​​​​​​​ e​ligibility require​me​nts
Bel​ow are the compliance training, competency, and consultant requirements your organization must meet to be eligible to deliver this engagement.
Compliance training requirement
Company competency requirement(s)
Consultant competency requirement
competency in:

  • Identify mobile personas: define objectives, identify devices, and capture daily tasks for typical mobile users
  • Select business scenarios: map persona activities to specific business scenarios they support
  • Align to technical capabilities: define technical capabilities required to support business scenarios
  • Implement and operate: assess solution requirements, design and​ test solutions, pilot solutions, and migrate to producti​on
This 10-day engagement will help customers take the first step in becoming a mobile enterprise. The engagement will help customers strategize, plan, and test infrastructure and enabling technologies for their mobile enterpri​s​e.​​
Provide customers a better understanding of offerings in the Microsoft mobility stack and how they can use these offerings to identify and enable a mobility strategy to transform their enterprise. Prepare customers ​to begin piloting these strategies in their own environmen​t.
​​​​​​Engagement options and required deliverables
There is one engagement option available: 10 days in lengt​​​​​​h.
Engagement options
Required deliverables

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