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Software Assurance Planning Services

Windows and Office Deployment Planning​


Desktop Deployment Planning Services employs Microsoft best practices and materials to help lower the risks and costs of planning for your next Windows and Office product deployment. With the excitement and demand for these latest releases, customers will begin to make the choice to move to Windows 10 and Office 2016, often together, which represents an opportunity for you to accelerate sales and deployments.


The objectives of the Windows and Office Planning engagement include:

  • Provide the customer with an opportunity to meet with a Windows and Office client solution expert and engage in solution strategy sessions that will focus on both business and technological aspects of client upgrade and deployment
  • Offer the customer an understanding of architectural and operational aspects of deploying Windows, Office 365 ProPlus, and Office Professional Plus
  • Educate on new functionalities provided by Windows 10 and Office 2016
  • Define next steps to continue Windows and Office planning and deployment efforts
  • The 3, 5, 10 and 15-day engagements should include a plan for deployment with clear next steps.


A 1-day Planning Services engagement includes a Strategy Briefing, feature overview and roadmap as well as high level problem and solution statement development.

A 3-day engagement builds on the agenda from the 1-day engagement and includes envisioning workshops with additional technical presentations and demonstrations based on the customer interest and ending with a more detailed solution statement and implementation plan.

A 5-day engagement is inclusive of the 1 and 3-day engagements with more time dedicated to architecture design, guided or hands-on labs, deployment and upgrade planning.

The 10-day and 15-day engagements build on the 5-day engagement with a customized agenda based on customer requirements. They may include solution design, Proof of Concepts and pilots.


As a result of the engagement the customer will have a clearer understanding of the latest Windows and Office client platform and what it can provide to their organization. The customer will also be better prepared for a Windows and Office deployment that fits their business and technical requirements. The engagement Findings and Recommendation document will detail customer requirements, dependencies and include a high level deployment plan.

Required deliverables


​Submit the Planning Services Completion Report Submission Form after each Planning Services engagement, making sure to upload a copy of the customer deliverable when prompted.

Upon successful submission of the online form, you will be sent a confirmation email with a submission file receipt attachment and guidance to complete the next steps:

  1. Redeem Planning Services voucher(s) in VVR

  2. Invoice against Planning Services voucher(s) in SAVB

Review the Understand voucher process page for guidance.