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Software Assurance Planning Services
Prepare for and learn about DDPS engagements

​Organization and consulting requirements

To deliver DDPS, your organization and any consultants delivering DDPS engagements must meet certain program eligibility requirements. Refer to the Partner eligibility requirements page for more information.
In addition to program organizational and individual consultant requirements, all consultants should possess each of the following:


Soft skills: 

  • Presentation skills, ability to adapt to customer interests
  • Project planning
  • Ability to create high quality documentation
  • Ability to effectively communicate with both business and technical decision makers


Technical delivery skills:

  • Basic understanding of the Planning Services Program
  • Technical knowledge of one or more of the following: Office 365, Office (including Office for Mobile), Windows, and Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Experience designing and implementing Desktop and/or Mobile solutions
  • Solid engagement delivery experience
  • Refer to the Delivery Guide included within each engagement type for individual Microsoft DDPS delivery requirements

Sales, readiness and engagement materials

Additional DDPS readiness training

It is recommended that all consultants refer to the DDPS delivery materials associated with each engagement prior to attempting delivery. Learn more

 DDPS at your fingertips         


Enroll to become a Planning Services partner

Once you've met the program organizational and individual consultant requirements and have familiarized yourself with the program's training materials, it's time to enroll to become a Planning Services partner.