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Software Assurance Planning Services
Sell DDPS engagements
For Microsoft Planning Services partners, the DDPS offering is an opportunity to advance the services relationship in new and existing customer accounts and open the door to deeper, more strategic customer conversations. Since the activity is funded by Microsoft, it represents paid business development and an opportunity to position follow on services.

The four key steps in the DDPS sales process are outlined below to assist in planning a sales approach with your customers. These can also be used for closing leads in the partner's new and existing customer accounts.
  1. Prepare - Learn about the customer, prepare conversational goals
  2. Probe - Take the time to understand the customer's business pains and determine the impact on their organization
  3. Prove value - Identify and convey the business value of deploying the desktop within the customer's organization
  4. Qualify - Ensure that the client is eligible for the DDPS engagement


The DDPS service is based on the Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment and best practices from Microsoft. The objective is to help reduce the cost and complexity associated with high levels of desktop deployment planning and deployment automation.
Help your customers get started with this brochure.
Office 365 FastTrack engagements
Approved DDPS partners that are enrolled in the Cloud Deployment program are eligible to deliver Office 365 FastTrack Planning engagements.
Office and Windows engagements
Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS) helps to ensure the successful deployment of your Microsoft Office or Windows software to increase usage and improve productivity across your organization, while providing your IT staff with the levels of control, manageability, and security they require.
Mobile Productivity engagements
Mobile Productivity planning helps to ensure the successful deployment of Microsoft Office on mobile devices (including BYOD devices for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) to help improve productivity of employees who are on the go, whilst allowing the​ organization to retain control and protect corporate data.

 DDPS at your fingertips         


Connecting with Planning Services customers

There are several ways to go about proactively identifying customer opportunities and verifying customer entitlement to the Planning Services benefit to help create your qualified customer list. Refer to The partner-customer connection page for more information.