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Common compliance oversights that might result in delays or denial of payment

Ensure you understand and remain in compliance with the Planning Services Agreement and program policies

Common oversight 1: Redeeming a voucher with missing or improper deliverables
Partners must complete and submit the online Planning Services Completion Report Submission Form. This document allows Microsoft to monitor the quality of engagements and gather insights for future program enhancements and is required for all Planning Service vouchers regardless of the Program Type or Service Level. The online Planning Services Completion Report Submission Form must be completed and submitted, making sure to upload a copy of the customer deliverable (provider's summary and recommended next steps based on the engagement). Vouchers redeemed without submitting the required deliverables to Microsoft are not eligible to receive payment. 

Common oversight 2: Invoicing Microsoft using a location ID with an MPN physical address in a country other than the country where Planning Services were performed 
Prior to beginning an engagement (and before reserving or redeeming vouchers), Planning Services partners must ensure they have a location ID listed in the Planning Services Partner Directory matching the country/location in which the engagement will take place.  

Follow these instructions to update your profile in the Planning Services Partner Directory.  Microsoft will pay the applicable rate for the country in which Planning Services are acceptably performed, when all required documentation is received.  Engagements must be billed at the rate where the services are performed. 

Common oversight 3: Not conforming to the length of engagements limitation
The maximum length available for a Planning Services engagement is 15 days per customer, however each engagement has specific duration limits depending on offering and/or product type. Planning Services program policy states, "Engagement durations should not exceed advertised maximum service level durations." It is also stated that partners may not combine multiple engagement types for a customer, unless: 1) The engagements address different divisions or associated legal entities, or 2) the engagements address different products and therefore produce unique deliverables. 

Common oversight 4: Not meeting competency requirements before beginning an engagement
It's important to note—Planning Services engagements map to a specific qualifying competency or competencies; before delivering any Planning Services engagement, you should review the partner eligibility requirements to ensure your organization has earned the competency required to deliver that particular engagement. If you deliver an engagement to a customer without first obtaining the qualifying competency, you will not be eligible for payment, due to Planning Services Agreement and program  policy compliance violations.

Familiarize yourself with program policies and review your Planning Services program agreement

It's essential that Planning Services providers understand and operate in accordance with the Software Assurance Planning Services program agreement and policies. Program policies are outlined in our Provider Agreement, in our FAQs, in our Policies deck and associated pages.

If you have any questions, please contact Planning Services support.