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Software Assurance Planning Services
​About DTDPS

Developer Tools Deployment Planning Services is a Software Assurance benefit designed to help organizations plan effective Visual Studio deployments, leveraging the ALM Assessment tool.  DTDPS helps lower the perceived risk and cost of deployment for customers and opens the door to new business for partners.

Providing Developer Tools Deployment Planning Services can help:
  • Reduce your customer acquisition cost:  Microsoft will pay you for conducting the planning service and provide engagement materials, templates and training resources.
  • Develop new business opportunities:  DTDPS engagements get you in front of new customers and often lead to additional billable work. 
  • Deliver more value to your customers:  Help make the decision to deploy easier for customers by providing a risk-free assessment and plan.


Four  DTDPS engagements:

At your customer’s discretion, contents of the below engagements may be customized to fit a 10 or 15-day engagement. The longer engagements provide an opportunity to go into greater depth with customer specific pain points and deployment considerations. For engagements longer than the standard 3 or 5 days, the engagement must first deliver the complete 3 or 5 day agenda and then be customized based on the customer’s needs (see DTDPS Supplemental Delivery Guide).


Visual Studio Team Services Deployment Assessment

Develop a plan to help customers adopt Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) or a Team Foundation Server (TFS)/VSTS hybrid.  As part of this five-day engagement, you’ll perform a targeted assessment of the customer’s Application Lifecycle management maturity.  The final deliverable includes a deployment plan that shows customers how they can improve team collaboration and development processes with VSTS or a TFS/VSTS hybrid.

Visual Studio Quality Tools Deployment Assessment

Build a plan for your customers to adopt a modern quality assurance and testing platform. This five-day engagement results in a plan that includes infrastructure custom roadmap for deploying VisualStudio Ultimate, Premium and/or Test Professional to support ongoing testing and accelerate your customer’s time-to-market.

Visual Studio Agile Deployment Assessment

Help your customer in developing an effective strategy for adopting or improving agility.  This three-day engagement involves a targeted agile assessment that ideally drives the implementation of the Team Foundation Server agile planning tools, excellent for improving a customer's agility.  The end result of this engagement is a set of customized recommendations for improving agility. 

Visual Studio DevOps Deployment Assessment

Help your customer in developing an effective strategy for achieving continuous delivery. This engagement involves a targeted DevOps assessment that assists in developing an effective strategy for assessing and improving DevOps maturity. In addition, a DevOps assessment approach will vary depending on if the customer focuses on mobile, web app, or stand-alone application development. Of course, the core DevOps practices apply to all the development scenarios, but mobile DevOps assessment may require additional considerations. Ideally, the implementation of Microsoft DevOps solutions will provide an excellent foundation for improvement. Some example scenarios could include a DevTest solution in support of standardized test environments, an automated Release Management solution or, for mobile development, the implementation of Xamarin Test Cloud and the automated testing in support of higher quality software. The end result of this engagement is a set of customized recommendations for maturing DevOps capabilities.
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What are the requirements for providing DTDPS?

In order to be approved as a Developer Tools Deployment Planning Services provider, your organization must attain the Gold ALM Competency and register for DTDPS. Learn More