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Software Assurance Planning Services
Conduct DTDPS engagements

Select an engagement

Select an engagement below for more information, to view engagement materials, and to review deliverables required for payment.​


Visual Studio Team Services Deployment Planning   

Develop a deployment plan to get customers up and running on Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) or a Team Foundation Server/VSTS hybrid.


Visual Studio Quality Tools Deployment Assessment 

Build a plan for customers to adopt a modern quality assurance and testing platform by deploying Test Professional.


Visual Studio Agile Deployment Assessment 

Help your customer in developing an effective strategy for adopting or improving agility.


Visual Studio DevOps Deployment Assessment 

Help your customer in developing an effective strategy for achieving continuous delivery.


Required materials and deliverables

Each DTDPS engagement requires specific tasks be completed for the customer. Guidance materials and templates are available to assist with completing these tasks. They can be downloaded from the Delivery Materials section on the right side of the engagement pages. 

All DTDPS engagements require completion of the following activities:

  • Phase 1 - Customer Commitment Doc & Pre-Engagement Questionnaire
  • Phase 2 - Visual Studio business value presentation
  • Phase 3 - ALM Maturity Evaluation & Deployment Checklist
  • Phase 4 - Deployment Plan


Once you have completed the engagement with your customer, you must submit the required deliverables to Microsoft in order to redeem the DTDPS voucher.
The required deliverables due to Microsoft include:

  • A copy of the customer's deployment plan (you may use your own deployment plan template ONLY if all the areas in the Microsoft template are addressed)
  • The Planning Services Completion Report (an online survey completed when you submit the customer's Deployment Plan)


To learn more about how to submit the required deliverables, visit the deliverables required for payment page.  

Delivery Guidance

Submit the Planning Services Completion Report Submission Form after each Planning Services engagement, making sure to upload a copy of the customer deliverable when prompted.

Upon successful submission of the online form, you will be sent a confirmation email with a submission file receipt attachment and guidance to complete the next steps:

  1. Redeem Planning Services voucher(s) in VVR

  2. Invoice against Planning Services voucher(s) in SAVB

Review the Understand voucher process page for guidance.