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Software Assurance Planning Services

​Prepare for and learn about DYDPS engagements

​Prepare for successful engagements

Depending on the DYDPS engagements you wish to provide, your organization must attain the Gold Cloud Customer Relationship Management competency or the Gold Microsoft Dynamics ERP competency (for Microsoft Dynamics AX engagements) in order to be eligible to enroll as a DYDPS Planning Services partner. Learn more about DYDPS eligibility requirements.

Read the engagement guides. Each engagement is explained in detail in these informative, day-by-day guides. Find the engagement guides in the resources section of each engagement page.

Explore the DYDPS engagement resources. The engagement guide deck document will orient you to the requirements and materials available including training materials, templates and technical resources.

Delivery Guidance

​Enroll to become a Planning Services partner

Once you've met the program organizational and individual consultant requirements and have familiarized yourself with the program's training materials, it's time to enroll to become a Planning Services partner.