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Software Assurance Planning Services
Sell PVDPS engagements

For Microsoft partners, PVDPS is an opportunity to initiate a deeper, more strategic conversation with customers about their IT strategy in the context of a deployment planning session. Offering PVDPS can help grow your business by creating opportunities for future business with the customer, strengthening customer relationships and building your expertise.

Build your PVDPS Pipeline!

It’s a continuous cycle. Partners who can sell the business value, deploy the technology smoothly and help their customers adopt the new tools in order to derive the expected benefit will be more likely to get repeat business in the future. Leverage the resources, presentations, emails and partner marketing materials so that you can start marketing and selling your PVDPS engagements today!


Proactively identify customer opportunities through:

  • Joint account planning with your Partner Account Manager
  • Partnering with Large Account Resellers (LAR) to identify SA-eligible customers
  • Offering deployment planning to all customers regardless of eligibility
  • Working with customers to determine eligibility

Connecting with Planning Services customers

There are several ways to go about proactively identifying customer opportunities and verifying customer entitlement to the Planning Services benefit to help create your qualified customer list. Refer to The partner-customer connection page for more information.