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Software Assurance Planning Services
Enroll in the Planning Services program
Once you have met the eligibility requirements, your partner organization will be able to enroll in the Planning Services program using the following process:  
  1. Your Global Admin must navigate to the SA Planning Services Program enrollment page.
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft Account (which has Global Admin rights in MPN)
  3. Complete the required Planning Services Compliance Training Course on Partner University
  4. Select the Planning Services offerings you wish to enroll in
  5. Review and accept the Planning Services Agreement
  6. Click "Enroll"

After completing this process, all locations will be approved for the programs for which you are eligible.  Anyone that holds a Contact Role for an approved location ID in MPN will be able to access VVR and reserve and redeem vouchers on behalf of that location ID.

Other helpful resources

MPN membership restrictions and renewals

  • By design of the MPN tool, if the partner is within 90 days of their MPN enrollment expiring, the partner will need to first activate their new MPN enrollment in order to register for the Planning Services sub programs.
  • By activating the enrollment prior to their current enrollment's expiration date, it will not expire the current enrollment or memberships, but will allow the partner to enrol in new programs through their new MPN membership.
  • Planning Services memberships will need to be renewed each year along with the MPN membership renewal.