​The Planning Services Process
​​​​​​​​​​4. Customer creates and assigns voucher
Before you can begin a Planning Services engagement, your customer must first activate their Planning Services benefit, create a Planning Services voucher, and then assign it to a project manager in their organization​. If your customer has not yet created the required voucher, you can help expedite the process by sharing the resources at right and explaining the process outlined below.
The company's Software Assurance Benefits (SAB) administrator can activate the Planning Services benefit through the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).
  1. Sign in to VLSC using a Microsoft account associated with the SAB administrator.
  2. Select View Software Assurance benefits, then select Planning Services from the Software Assurance summary list.
  3. Select the relevant licensing ID, then select Planning Services from the Benefits available for activation pane.​
  4. To activate the benefit, select Planning Services and follow the instructions in the subsequent screens.
Below are the steps your customer must take to create and assign a Planning Services voucher.
  1. ​​Sign in to VLSC​.​
  2. Select Software Assurance from the top menu.
  3. Select Planning Services (this will take you to the Manage Software Assurance benefits page).
  4. Select the LicenseID for which you want to manage Planning Services (this will take you to the Benefit Summary page).
  5. Select Planning Services.
  6. Select the voucher type and service level (length of the engagement in days).
  7. Assign the Planning Services voucher to a project manager within your organization by entering their name, email address, and any special instructions.
  8. Select Confirm Voucher Assignment.
  9. After the voucher is created, select Assign Voucher (this takes you to a benefit details page confirming voucher information, including voucher status and expiration date).​
An email message will be generated and sent to the customer's project manager and SAB​ administrator, requesting them to forward the email to their chosen Planning Services partner. The email contains all of the information a Planning Services partner needs to reserve the voucher.

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