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Software Assurance Planning Services
About DDPS

​​Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS) is a Software Assurance Planning Services Benefit that offers 1, 3, 5, 10, and 15-day planning workshop sessions designed to provide customers with an outline and next steps proposal for the deployment of Office 365 ProPlus, Office Professional Plus, or Windows.

Value to the customer

Customers can use DDPS to help cover the cost of services to help them understand how to deploy Office 365 ProPlus, Office Professional Plus, or Windows. Depending on the number of days the customer qualifies for and the services they are interested in receiving, a DDPS engagement may include a variety of services.

Depending upon the scope and length of the engagement, the technology-specific benefits to the customer at the end of an engagement may include the following:

  • Get customer desktops and mobile devices ready to take advantage of the Office 365 Cloud Service and modern server workloads

  • Provide the customer with workshop sessions focusing on image development, Office deployment planning, application compatibility planning or application virtualization planning

  • Give the customer the opportunity to experience the optimized desktop and mobile device

  • Give the customer an understanding of what is involved in an optimized desktop and mobile device rollout


Value to the partner

A customer's software lifecycle is a continuous process often involving three phases: a purchase decision, deployment, and adoption of the technology by end users. Through the delivery of DDPS engagements, partners demonstrate their expertise as a trusted advisor in the deployment planning phase of the customer's project, reinforcing their role as an essential part of the customer's software lifecycle, ultimately helping the Partner to win more business. 

The benefits to the consulting team include:

  • The opportunity to establish consulting relationships with customers

  • Potential for follow on work with the customer

  • Participating in an engagement with pre-packaged materials


DDPS supported engagements

To learn more about supported engagements, review the conduct DDPS engagements page.

Who can participate?

To deliver DDPS, your organization and any consultants delivering engagements must meet certain program eligibility requirements.  Refer to the partner eligibility requirements and prepare for and learn about DDPS engagements pages for more information. 

Save time with flexible customer deliverable options

Microsoft provides unique engagement materials and required deliverables for each DDPS engagement. Partners may leverage materials from each collection of engagement materials as-is, or customize the forms for their own purposes using their own branding, content, and delivery methodology.

The outcome of every engagement should result in a plan to deploy, upgrade or migrate to the latest versions of Office and Windows.  Proof of concepts may accompany a plan to deploy, but may not be delivered separate from some form of proposal that directly influences a quantifiable increase of Office 365 subscriptions, Office, or Windows seats. 

This does not prohibit partners from addressing topics such as how these products would be deployed or best managed, but does exclude engagements specifically focused on other products such as planning for a System Center deployment, or optimizing existing environments.


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Why get involved?

Microsoft pays eligible partners to deliver Desktop Deployment Planning Services engagements to entitled Software Assurance Benefit customers. As a DDPS service provider, partners will receive tools, training and engagement best practices developed by Microsoft Services. Additionally, DDPS can open the door for new business and/or strengthen existing customer relationships.