The Planning Services Process
​​​​8. Get paid through SAVB
After redeeming a voucher in VVR, you must create and submit a payment request in the Software Assurance Voucher Benefit (SAVB) Online Payment Tool in order to invoice Microsoft. SAVB is a unique system separate from VVR, with an initial organizational registration process for your first redeemed voucher program.​ Before registering for SAVB, your organization must have at least one voucher redeemed for that program in VVR.​​​​

Register for payment
Invoice against voucher
Get paid through SAVB
This step is required only for your organization’s first redeemed ​Planning Services voucher. If your organization has already registered in SAVB for payment, please start at the Invoice against voucher step.
A Global Administrator for your organization in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) is required to complete this initial registration process in SAVB. The Global Administrator may also function as one of your organizations’ designated Partner Program Administrators (PPA) in the SAVB tool.
If your organization is active in more than one voucher program (for example, Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV) and Desktop Deployment Planning Services), you must go through this registration step for each voucher program (see Registration​​ for additional programs below).
Initial registration​​​
  1. Global Administrator must log into Microsoft’s Channel Incentives Platform (CHIP)​ (where the SAVB tool resides).
  2. On the initial Registration page, select the Organization name from the drop-down menu. (If this is your first time in SAVB, you will not see anything listed in the Programs Registered section of the page.)​​
  3. In the Programs Available for Registration section, select the program(s) for which you are now registering, then select Register.
  4. Register in SAVB
  5. On the Confirmation page, check to ensure the listed program is the one you registered on the previous screen, then select go to Home to return to your program homepage in SAVB.
  6. Confirm registration in SAVB
  7. ​​After completing initial program registration, you can access SAVB directly at channelincentives.microsoft.com​​, using your Microsoft account to sign in.
Registration​​ for additional programs​
If you want to redeem vouchers for an additional program, you (a Global Administrator in MPN) must complete the program registration process again for each new program. Follow the steps below:
  1. From one of the program home pages in CHIP, under the I Need To menu, select ​​Manage Organizations.
  2. Follow the prompts to register your additional program.
  3. Wait 24-48 hours for your vendor ID to be mapped.
  4. Assign your vendor ID to your location in your newly register program.

Create a payment profile​​​​​
After completing your new program registration, the Regional Service Center (RSC) team creates a new vendor ID request for your Primary Contact for that location ID in MPN to get administrative access to Payment Central. The Primary Contact will be sent an email from Microsoft Payment Central with an access invitation.​
  1. As the Primary Contact, sign into your Payment Central account using the email address at which you received the invitation (this email address should be linked to your Microsoft account; ​view instructions).
  2. After accessing your new supplier/vendor account, enter the required details in the five sections displayed. Select Submit to send the information to the Microsoft accounts payable team for review.
  3. Sign in to VVR
  4. Once approved by the accounts payable team, a new vendor ID will be created. You will receive a confirmation email with the new vendor ID. The RSC team will transfer the new vendor ID to your organization’s SAVB payment profile.
  5. ​Assign the payment profile to your l​​ocation ID in SAVB (this will need to be done for each new program). You can now create payment requests for your redeem​ed vouchers.​​
Adding and managing users
Read the FAQs that explain how to ​add new users and​ manage users​ in SAVB.
For additional guidance ​on how to use SAVB, see the FAQs at the bottom of this page​.​​
Follow the steps below to create your payment request. Note that SAVB only displays vouchers that have already been redeemed in VVR; it does not display vouchers that are in “reserved” status.​​​
Submit payment requests within 60 days of redeeming vouchers.​​​ After redeeming a voucher, you have 60 days in which to submit a payment request in the SAVB Online Payment Tool. Any non-compliance issues with the voucher must also be resolved within this 60-day period. If the 60-day period ends before compliance issues are remediated or a payment request is submitted, the voucher is forfeited and payment cannot be processed for the engagement delivered under that voucher.
  1. From your program home page, select Create Payment Request from the I Need To… menu.
  2. Using the voucher Search Criteria filters to narrow your voucher selection: 
    • Select the Country for which you are creating the payment request. Note: you can only select one country. You cannot combine redeemed vouchers from locations that are in different countries on the same payment request (view voucher poli​cies​).
    • Select the Locations for which you would like to view redeemed vouchers.
    • Select the Payment Profile that maps to the location(s) you want to view. This is the payment profile under which you want payment to be made for the location(s) you are going to include in your payment request.
    • Select the Tax Jurisdiction that correctly applies to the country and locations you have selected.
    • Select Search
    SAVB Voucher Search
  3. Review the redeemed vouchers in the Create Payment Request – Select Vouchers pane in the lower half of the screen. These results are based on the search criteria used in the prior screen. (To change your search, select Change Criteria to reset your filters.)
  4. Select the Invoice By date next to the vouchers to ensure that you prioritize the ones that are closest to the date shown for submission first.
  5. SAVB Invoice By date
  6. ​​​To view the Voucher Details of a particular voucher listed in the table, select arrow next to the voucher record, or use Expand All/Collapse All to see all details for all vouchers.
  7. Select the vouchers you wish to attach to this payment request. Select Add in the row of each voucher to be included. The notation will then change to Remove, which you can select to remove vouchers from your payment request.​
  8. Confirm the Voucher Sub-Total for the vouchers you have added to the payment request.
  9. Input the alpha/numeric invoice number created by your company’s financial system in the Partner Invoice No. field provided (required field which allows you and Microsoft to cross-reference your company invoice with its corresponding SAVB payment request number).
  10. Input Tax Rate (%) to be added to the payment request, based upon the applicable tax jurisdiction for the locations included in the payment request.  SAVB will automatically calculate the tax amount and update the invoice total based upon the tax % you enter.​
  11. Attach Documentation: depending on the country associated with your payment request, SAVB may prompt you to submit your company’s invoice as supplemental proof of your valid payment request. Note: information on your own company invoice (softcopy or hardcopy) must exactly match the information in the online payment request—including Partner Invoice Number and Total—to avoid payment delays.
  12. Select Submit. Selecting Save for Later allows you to find the saved payment request by selecting Search Payment Requests on your home page.
  13. SAVB Voucher Search save
  14. ​​The Payment Request Confirmation screen shows the unique Microsoft Reference Number assigned by SAVB to your submitted or saved payment request. Reference this number if you require help from your Regional Service Center.​​
  15. SAVB payment confirmation
Searching vouchers and payment requests​​​​​
Read the FAQs that explain how to search for vouchers and quickly​ ​find payment requests that have been created and submitted in SAVB.
Once your payment request is successfully submitted, Microsoft will initiate payment according to the terms you established while setting up the payment profile for the location ID​​​.

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