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Software Assurance Planning Services
Get paid

​​​​How to invoice for payment

After redeeming a voucher in VVR, (see "Redeem Voucher in VVR" on the Process summary page) you must create and submit a payment request in the SAVB Online Payment Tool.
There are two ways to access the SAVB Online Payment Tool:
  1. Click on the SAVB hyperlink located in VVR to jump directly to SAVB (additional log-in is required)
  2. Directly at (required to log in with your Windows Live ID associated with your organization)
Review the SAVB partner user guide for more detailed guidance.

Important reminders

  • SAVB is a unique system (separate from VVR) with a one-time requirement to “register” your organization and each of your voucher programs in SAVB. SAVB registration cannot occur for a program until an organization has at least one voucher "redeemed" for that program in VVR.
  • SAVB only displays vouchers that have been "redeemed" in VVR and does not display vouchers that are still in “reserved” status. Please update the status of your vouchers in VVR before attempting to access SAVB.
  • To access SAVB for the first time, go to to register. You must be a Global Administrator in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) in order to complete the initial registration process in the tool.  You may then invite and associate other users (users must be associated to your organization in the Microsoft Partner Network.) If you’ve been “invited” to SAVB after your organization's initial registration has been completed, you do not need to be a Global Admin to have access to SAVB.
  • All Planning Services vouchers expire 180 days after the date of assignment (date created by customer); vouchers should be reserved and then redeemed by the executing partner--submitting all required deliverables​--before the stated voucher expiration date.
  • Submit payment requests within 60 days of redeeming vouchers. After redeeming a voucher, you have 60 days in which to submit a payment request in the SAVB Online Payment Tool. Any non-compliance issues with the voucher must also be resolved within this 60-day period. If the 60-day period ends before compliance issues are remediated or a payment request is submitted, the voucher is forfeited and payment cannot be processed for the engagement delivered under that voucher.


Other helpful resources

More questions?

If you have any questions regarding the SAVB online tool, or how to use it, please contact your Regional Service Center (RSC) via Microsoft Partner Network support.

We received an unbelievable bang for our buck with the SDPS engagement. And this is a service that is out there that is essentially paid for; utilize it! I would tell anybody there is no better way."