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Software Assurance Planning Services
About SDPS

​​SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) allow Microsoft customers to use their Software Assurance Benefits to cover the costs of engaging with qualified providers for a SharePoint or SharePoint Online deployment and upgrade planning services.

By using SDPS, partners gain access to the latest Microsoft best practice documentation, tools, templates and reference materials to deliver customized deployment proposals, leading to follow-on services projects.

Value to the customer

Customers can use SDPS to help cover the cost of engaging with a qualified consultant who will provide them with a plan, or proposal for deploying SharePoint or SharePoint Online. Depending on the number of days the customer qualifies for and the services they are interested in receiving a SDPS engagement may include a number of customer benefits including:

  • Understanding basic functionality provided by Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online
  • Access to a qualified consultant for deployment planning activities and questions
  • Understanding of architectural and operational aspects of Microsoft SharePoint 
  • Next steps to continue planning efforts for SharePoint, Project & Portfolio, Yammer and/or Office 365


Value to the partner

A customer's software lifecycle is a continuous process often involving three phases: a purchase decision, deployment, and adoption of the technology by end users. Through the delivery of SDPS engagements, partners demonstrate their expertise as a trusted advisor in the deployment planning phase of the customer's project which reinforces their role as an essential part of the customer's software lifecycle and helps Partners win more business.

The benefits to the consulting team include:

  • The opportunity to establish consulting relationships with customers
  • Potential for follow on work with the customer
  • Participating in an engagement with pre-packaged materials


Engagement options

The SDPS offering funds engagements varying in length from 1 to 15 days depending on which engagement type was selected, the breadth of topics that need to be addressed in planning, and the amount of unused Planning Services days customers has available. Learn more

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Who can participate?

To deliver SDPS, your organization and any consultants delivering engagements must meet certain program eligibility requirements.  Refer to the Partner eligibility requirements and Prepare for and Learn about SDPS engagements pages for more information.